General Terms and Conditions


Our cleaning equipment and products allow our staff to clean your home thoroughly and efficiently. They will work solo or in teams of two and three as desired or in keeping with the length of time of any given job.

They will always arrive in uniform and in a Rise & Shine vehicle. Thorough checks, including a DBS check and references, are carried out before hiring staff. All our staff, equipment and products come under our insurance umbrella. All staff members are employed by Rise & Shine. They will not eat, drink or smoke whilst working in your home or office.

They will not use any social media platforms to openly discuss their work or our clients. We aim to send the same team of staff every time unless annual leave or absences alter their schedules.


From the outset, Rise and Shine ideally wish to visit your home to make a proper assessment of your requirements and to ascertain any risk to staff and clients to enable the necessary action to be taken.

The Rise & Shine cleaners and housekeepers will clean as per agreed with the client prior to starting. They will follow all checklists as signed by both parties. The cleaning and housekeeping duties we provide can be combined to your specification. Ironing can be carried out on or off the premises. Prioritisation of tasks can be considered, and advice offered. Whilst our cleaners adhere to Rise & Shines extensive list of determined tasks, they are happy to be led by your requirements.

Rise & Shine provide all equipment and eco-friendly products. We will always aim to give you an estimated time of arrival prior to our visit. [ Usually a one hour window] Rise & Shine business hours are between 8:00am-6:00pm. However, other arrangements can be considered if required. Health and safety will be measured by the owners prior to our cleaners commencing any contracts or arrangements. Bank holidays will not be available for bookings – any contracts affected by this will be rescheduled.

Our cleaners will treat your home with the utmost respect. However, we ask that where possible, you point out anything particularly fragile to ensure our cleaners take extra special care and attention. If our cleaners have a concern, they may raise it with the Rise & Shine management team, who will then liaise with the client.

Client Obligations

To provide a safe working environment for our staff, please ensure electrical fixtures and fittings are safe and secure. Rise & Shine equipment and cleaning products will be used at all times as our insurance does not cover client equipment and products.

Please note – If you are present when our cleaners are in the home, please be mindful that floors and other surfaces may be wet. We do not accept liability that may occur as a result. Please ensure any third parties, children or vulnerable adults are aware of the cleaners and can safeguard themselves when our cleaners are present. Our staff training and insurance only allows cleaning to be undertaken to a height that is practical and safe using a 2 step ladder.

Upon termination of any contract with Rise & Shine, the client will not employ or engage the services of the staff supplied to you by Rise & Shine, for a period of 12 months. £750+VAT in charges will be invoiced to cover loss of earnings, recruitment, training and any court costs where applicable.

Please ensure our staff can gain access to carry out their duties. Otherwise, we would be obliged to charge for the duration.


Please contact Rise & Shine if you wish to cancel a job beyond 48 hours. Rise and Shine will then endeavour to rearrange based upon availability.  Any less and we may need to charge for the interruption to business. Due to the nature of our business covering domestic, housekeeping, offices and one-off cleans, cancellation periods and charges may vary. See below:

  • 0-4 hours – pre-booked will require over and above 48 hours’ notice (nil cost)
  • Less than 48 hours – 25% charged
  • Less than 24 hours – 50% will be charged
  • 4-12 hours – pre-booked will require over and above [72 hours] 3 days’ notice (nil cost)
  • Less than 72 hours – 25% will be charged
  • Less than 48 hours – 50% will be charged
  • Less than 25 hours – 66% will be charged

If our staff arrive to carry out their duties and are unable to do so for whatever reason, the client will be charged as normal. However, Rise & Shine will try at all times to help all parties involved find a mutual way forward, if this cannot be agreed then the above cancellation policies will apply.

Regardless of what work is finalised between both parties, Rise & Shine believe the fairest way to charge is by a fixed amount between both parties that is about the agreed outcome.

Each home is unique there are no two the same so we feel this is the fairest and honest way to conduct our relationship.

  Rise and Shine wish to work cordially and fairly with all our clients to the benefit of everyone.

We always endeavour to complete all jobs in the said time, unless there are unforeseen circumstances. Rise & Shine aim to carry out home and office cleaning, housekeeping and eco fogging services to the best of our abilities.


Rise & Shine operate a safe and secure keyholding service that is only known by the company/management and is covered by the comprehensive insurance we provide. Staff will always arrive in a Rise & Shine vehicle and will be dressed in uniform. They will receive security training and  must meet thorough checks before joining the Rise & Shine team.

Customer Satisfaction

Our staff will try where possible to ensure all work is carried out to the standards of both Rise & Shine and the client. You may contact us at any time by email, phone or by writing to our head office if would like to share your experience or raise a concern.

If the client wishes to make changes to their cleaning schedule, please get in touch with the Rise & Shine team.

Our Guarantee

If Rise and Shine miss any agreed work or certain areas are not to your satisfaction please notify us within 24 hours and we will revisit as soon as is practical to do so. Alternatively, extra time will be added on the next visit to correct any oversights or inferior work.


Please talk with management has a common courtesy so that we may be offered the opportunity to improve or correct any unsatisfactory work.

Turning a negative into a positive is very important to Rise and Shine and will help us build trust and long term relations with all our clients and hopefully build honest reviews going forward.


Fees are charged on the basis of the following five factors:

Eco-friendly products and equipment, our own full insurance policy, our own employed and fully trained staff and our associated travel costs.

Anti viral disinfectant that is certified to kill COVID in 6 seconds that is used at the end of each clean will also be a factor in our costings.

Rise & Shine offers direct debit/bank transfer and card payment facilities once agreed with the client. All work is charged at the agreed amount. Generally, all work will be invoiced after the clean with a 7 day lead time. This is in keeping with clients circumstances changing from week to week.

Regular customers that have signed a 6 month contract going forward can at the discretion of both parties be invoiced monthly with a seven day lead time.

Where weekly, fortnightly, and monthly tasks are agreed and signed by both parties as mentioned above, over a period of six months, a direct debit/bank transfer is an option for payment.

To recap options available, include Stripe Card payments and bank transfer and weekly invoicing.

Any one-off cleans or first-time cleans are to be paid at the time of booking. If you then transfer to a regular cleaning schedule, the payment options stated above will apply. If both parties have signed an ongoing contract then we respectfully request two weeks’ notice of cancellation, any less and costs may incur.

We reserve the right at our discretion to take a client off a regular cleaning programme if they keep cancelling or moving the week. Thereafter we would suggest they book us at there discretion but will be offered the current available slots which will lead to differing days and times.  

Online Booking Facility

We offer a guideline chart to assist online clients choose a number of hours and any extras they wish to purchase.

However, when Head Office ring to confirm your booking slot they will seek to find out your homes specific requirements as each home is unique and differing factors can determine the price agreed.

Online estimates are based on available sales data but we will finalise the cost in person or over the phone. There card will only be charged once confirmation has been made and the work has been done.

If the work in reality takes less or more time than was booked online then upon completion the invoice will be amended accordingly before your card is charged.

All outstanding invoices will be paid without offset, counterclaim or deductions. If we have to cancel our services due to non-payment, two weeks’ notice will apply. Any debts will be passed onto our debt collection agency Boyes Turner. 20% surcharge + VAT will be added to cover our costs in recovering said payments.

Change Of Circumstance

Any changes to the agreed cleaning schedule must be made 48 hours before commencement. This will allow us to invoice accordingly and speak to our cleaners about the changes. If possible, our staff can make changes on the day providing it is pointed out to them at the start of their visit, and they have the equipment needed.

Rise & Shine Insurance

Rise & Shine offer a complete insurance package that covers public and employer’s liability. Dishonesty, accidental and/or product damage are also covered. Excess is set at £150.00 The first £150.00 will be the responsibility of the client. As stated previously, Rise & Shine insurance covers only our own products and equipment. If the client insists that we use their products/equipment, they do so at their own risk.

Rise & Shine staff are suitably trained and vetted and will treat the client and their home with the utmost respect and duty of care at all times.


If you have just cause for complaint, please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can discuss and rectify any matters going forward. This can be done by emailed hello@riseandshinecleanltd.co.uk. Alternatively, call us on:

· 01706 249398

· 01282 678051

Or write to head office:

Rise & Shine, 8 The Moorlands, Weir, Bacup, Lancashire, OL13 8BT.